$445 - New York Real Estate Salesperson Licensing - $445

In New York State, to sell, lease or rent someone else's real property for a fee or commission, a license as either a Real Estate Salesperson or a Real Estate Broker is required. A Salesperson may work only under the supervision of a Broker. Anyone wishing to become a licensed Broker must begin as a Salesperson (except a person has at least two years of prior active real estate experience). To become a licensed Salesperson you must take a 77 hour Salesperson licensing qualifying course.

The Ivy Real Estate Education (REAL-ED) licensing course is fully approved by the Department of State. You can obtain a license in as little as 24 days or take as long as six months. Students must complete 77 hours. Upon passing the school test, you will receive a certificate of completion.

These 77 hours of classes are divided into 21 modules of 3 or 4 hours each (M1-M21).

Click here for detailed curriculum. The schedule of classes are very flexible so that you can fit it into your busy schedule. Our unique schedule allows you to begin classes at any time and take the classes in any order. You may go just on weekends, or just on weeknights or a combination of weekdays and weekends. Click here for upcoming schedule of classes.

Detailed New York State requirements and forms/instructions can be found by clicking here to LINK to the NY Department of State. A full description of all the requirements to become a salesperson follows.


SALESPERSON Licensing as easy as A,B,C,D
A) - IVY Real Estate Education- Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of 75 hr. course. $445
B) - Find a Real Estate Broker to sponsor you -next Job Fair -please call $0
C) - NY State Test- Reserve a seat on line and take and pass the test on Tuesday. $15
D) - NY State License- Apply for a license and work within a few days. $50


1. License Law & Regulation
2. Law of Agency
3. Legal Issues
4. The Contract of Sale and Leases
5. Real Estate Finance
6. Land Use Regulation
7. Construction and Environmental Issues
8. Valuation Process and Pricing Properties
9. Human Rights & Fair Housing
10. Real Estate Mathematics
11. Municipal Agencies
12. Property Insurance
13. Taxes and Assessments
14. Condominiums and Cooperatives
15. Commercial and Investment Real Estate
16. Income Tax Issues
17. Mortgage Brokerage
18. Property Management






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